A Growing Interest in Participation in the Great Wine Capitals

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Year after year the quantities of wineries that participate in Mendoza’s chapter of the “Best Of” competition increases.

The Great Wine Capitals (GWC) increasingly awakens interest in Mendoza, according to some statistics that are being generated in these days.  In recent weeks wineries made presentations for the annual “Best Of” awards and the presentation has increased remarkably with respect to last year.

For the seven categories of the competition 50 wineries were presented in total, and each commission formed an average of five panel judges.  According to Belén Gaua, coordinator of one of the commissions, “there was also great interest in participation on behalf of hotels and the media.”

The awards corresponding to Mendoza will be given out on the 8th of October in the Sheraton Hotel.  The winners will advance to the final competition, whose results will be presented in November, in the next meeting of the Great Wine Capitals that will be held in the City of Cabo, South Africa.

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