Chandon Invests 30 Million in the Modernization of its Plants

Margareth Henríquez confirmed it. The Agrelo Bodega will be expanded and the production technology will be updated.

The CEO of Chandon Argentina, Margareth Henríquez, verified that the decision of the French company to invest in the country is still being promoted. “Our investment plan for this year is for $30 million, she commented to in Mendoza during a pause at the Vine-Growing Forum that was held in the Ángel Bustelo auditorium.

The funds are destined for the expansion of the Chandon plant in the town of Agrelo and the modernization of technology for sparkling wines and wines of high rank.

The executive made an urgent demand to the national government to aim for “a plan for agriculture and livestock exportation,” in order to take advantage of the opportunity that the international market offers to countries producing commodities. She also reiterated her concern for the economic trend when she said, “The industry has been decapitalized in recent years due to the financial situation of the devaluation of the dollar and a growing inflation.” She also expressed that the decision to cancel the debt with the Paris Club is positive, because the Argentine companies will be able to access better sources of foreign funding.

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