2008 Harvest: High Quality Wines With Hints of Wood

Well-balanced, although not exceptional, wines were the product of a humid summer.

A majority of Mendoza’s wines, of a total of 15, showed a predominance of reds (11) with a marked tendency to be stored in wood.  As such the universal representative of the 2008 harvest was characterized, evaluated in general as outstanding without reaching the maximum value during the XIX edition of “Evico” (Evaluation of Harvest Wines), held yesterday.

With respect to the quality of the addition, the Tasting Committee comprised of 18 experts assigned the red wines an average score of 87.7, while it evaluated the white wines with 87 points.  These values are placed “according to the average quality within each type and variety,” in accordance with the technical definition, although for the experts consulted, this harvest will not be remembered in time.

After 19 years, Evico confirmed its announcement as reference for the market and already projects its format on a national level, while it prepares for what will be its anniversary edition (see attached).  However, the event had less strength than previous events in various respects.

With a decrease in the size of the event, just as they demonstrate the 150 samples registered in total by the wineries in contrast to the 200 of 2007, also the diversity of zones represented was reduced: in spite of having been 30% of the initial volume, in the final selection three wines from San Juan remained, one from La Rioja y another from Neuquén.

In the rank of varietals the scarcity of whites was emphasized (a viognier, two sauvignon blanc and a torrontés, although no chardonnay).  And even in attendance, since there were 10% fewer enologists and tasters than the 500 who were expected.

In any case, during the tasting guided in the foundation house the technicians and representatives of the industry listened attentively to each observation.

“In February we were watching the sky to see if it rained. And we didn’t even imagine being able to achieve the level of quality that we are enjoying now. As such, upon qualifying the last of the 15 samples, Lucas Mendoza, son of the renowned oenologist Ángel Mendoza and member of the committee, summarized the sensations that many had at the beginning of the season and that marked the production.

The tendency to use wood was also presented as an enological practice: the 11 red wines presented yesterday are destined to be aged for 12 months or more.

Even if for some it’s a matter of market demand, others admit to have used barrels to store and age wine in order to neutralize the undesired effects of a humid harvest like the last one. In fact, the bio-meteorological classification that includes the temperature and the 210 mm of rainfall considers the new wines to be good.

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