50 Wines Recognized in Asia

It’s a question of prize-winning wines in the fifth edition of the Wine for Asia fair. An Argentine wine received a Gold Trophy, the highest honor.

Wine for Asia celebrated its sixth edition in Singapore, and has been converted into one of the greatest wine exhibitions. It is an effective tool for the vine-growing industry that has facilitated the concretion of business and positioning in the Asian market. The prize-giving took place for the fifth time at Wine for Asia and the event is a recognized symbol of the quality of the wines destined for the Asian market.

The panel of judges in charge of evaluating the participating wines was formed by Jim Mc Mahon (Australia), Tran Ngoc Chan (Vietnam), Graham G. Hayward (United Kingdom), Derrick Lim (Singapore), y Roderick Wog (Malaysia).

The prizes awarded to the wines were: Trophy, Platinum Gold (price FOB from US$15 and up), Premium Gold (price FOB from US$7 to US$14.99), Classic Gold (price FOB up to US$6.99), Silver, Bronze, and Commended.  

The Argentine wines that turned out to be winners were:

La Puerta Great Reserve, Broquel Malbec, Prodigo Classic Medal, El Guardado Malbec, Valle Perdido Patagonia Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2006, Broquel Torrontés, Gradum , Prodigo Reserve, Valle Perdido Patagonia Malbec 2006, Susana Balbo Malbec, Huarpe, Colome Estate Malbec, Upsala – Syrah Word, La Puerta Torrontés, Gozzo, Lancatay, Crios Malbec, Cristobal 1492 Verdelho Aconcagua Reserve, Aconcagua Oak, Lorca Poetic, San Huberto, Crianza Malbec, Broquel Chardonnay, Valle Perdido Patagonia Chardonnay Roble 2007,Gran Lorca Poetic Blend, Cuyum Mapu (2007), Cristobal 1492 Bonarda, Gradum, Gozzo, Taymente Malbec 2006, Mi Terruño Reserve Malbec, Cristobal Oak Reserve Malbec, Vistandes, Caraya Red – Syrah, Caraya Red – Syrah/Malbec, Opalo Aconcagua Reserve, Kansas Malbec, Benmarco Expresivo, Mi Terruño Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Vika Oak Malbec, Nina Petit Verdot, Amalaya by Colome, Gozzo, Prodigo Tempranillo, La Puerta Reserve Bonarda Broquel Cabernet Franc y Trapiche Extra Brut

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