Chileans Continue Investing in Local Wine

Chile capital in the Argentine wine producing industry are growing and will continue the investments in the coming months with the acquisition of vineyards and wineries of this region.

If the total of Argentine wines bottles is considered, the Chilean wineries installed in Argentina already comprise 18% of the wine exported.

This data is based on statistics from the consultant Caucasia Wine Thinking, endorsed by El Mercurio Newspaper, of Santiago, Chile, and confirmed by the Wine Producing Union of Argentina (UVA), one of the business entities of the sector.

The information was provided by Andes Wine, a Chilean-Argentine agency in wine producing matters that sustains that the percentage of 18% will be higher in years to come “due to strategic movements made by the Chilean wine makers in Argentina.”

The data weakens rumors about a withdrawal of the Chilean capitals, the root of the retreat of the Tittarelli, of La Libertad, Rivadavia, a Chilean group controls.

According to Andes Wines, “The Argentine wine-producing scene continues to change with the arrival of new Chilean investors that continue trusting and investing.” The preferred zones are Perdriel or Agrelo, in Luján de Cuyo, or La Consulta.  

The last Chilean investors to arrive in Mendoza were Espíritu de Argentina, the wine produced by the Chilean winery Aresti in conjunction with the German distributor Racke, in addition to Viña Veramonte from Valle de Casablanca, in Chile.  These wines are from the most recognized Chilean wine maker in California, Agustín Huneeus, who launched his Argentine wine only a few weeks ago to conquer and expand his portfolio in the international market, according to  

This last report expresses that other Chilean projects exist with limited Malbec production that are being developed in the zone of Vistalba.  “Therefore, in the coming months there will be more surprises that will be complemented with potential acquisitions of Argentine vineyards and wineries on the part of other Chilean investors,” affirmed the wine producing marketing assessor of Andes Wine, the agronomist Maximiliano Morales.

The manager of UVA, Sergio Villanueva, confirmed the statistics that the Chileans are driving. “As they have no internal market, the Chilean wineries continue to grow in Argentina; they have grown considerably, led by Concha y Toro, that, let’s not forget, has stock in the New York Stock Exchange, he expressed.

It has been demonstrated that the Chileans “work very well in the price-quality relationship.”  And they not export, but they also integrate themselves successfully in the national market.  He said that the Chilean firms “have cost advantages, diversity in their varieties, production and access to Mercosur with a zero tax rate selling Argentine wine.” Villanueva clarified that he does not claim to fall into chauvinism but that Chile’s wineries “continue advancing in Argentina” and that’s why it’s necessary to “gain an advantage over the national companies.”

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