The year 2016, a year of important changes in the political, economic and social agenda is coming to an end.

All the attention is focused in Mauricio Macri’s first year in office. Investors from all over the world still have him under observation, as the prestigious magazine The Economist says.

Argentina’s Finance Minister, Alfonso Prat-Gay, says good bye with a money laundering of US$ 90,000 M.

What is coming…

The government of Mendoza obtained a balance in the fiscal accounts and is starting to order the public expenditure to favor infrastructure and energy investments.

The objective of Mendoza’s Finance Ministry is to be one of the main players in the discussion of the new Federal Sharing Act which will take place in 2017.

Four low-cost airlines have requested airline routes in Mendoza.

The declaration of the Mediterranean fruit fly-free zone of Valle de Uco and the South

will allow the placing of local products all over the country and the export of them.

The debate on sustainable mining is opened.

The country…

After many attempts to reduce tax burden, the national government boosts serious tax reforms.

Companies foresee a salary increase higher than 25% with the aim of compensating the loss of purchasing power which affects people who are not covered by collective bargaining.

Investments for US $1,700 M are expected due to the admission of new airlines.

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