Summary of the Week


The Minister of Economy, Infrastructure and Energy, Martín Kerchner, and the President  of Ente Mendoza Turismo (Mendoza Tourism Entity) Emetur , Gabriela Testa, participated in the 58th Annual Meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) – Paraguay 2017. In this opportunity, the Meeting 2018 that will take place in Mendoza was introduced.

The President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), Luis Alberto Moreno, will be in Argentina to participate in the Latin American World Economic Forum. He will hold a meeting with President Mauricio Macri and will sign loans for an already approved amount of US$ 650 million that will now be effective.

Tupungato Winelands changed owners and launched an original oenological project.

BD Bacatá, the Catalan group that has just disembarked in Argentina for the first time, acquired the project introduced as the first wine country in the world. The Spaniards will invest US$ 40 million in three years to finish the master plan. It includes a winegrowing and winemaking development, winery and sales of parcels included, named Can Pedra and it is leaded by Matías Michelini, winemaker.

Wall Street foresees a consolidation in the growth as well as a fall in the inflation from the second quarter onwards.

“In the second quarter, the Government shall navigate in internal tensions though the growth in the economy has already restarted. The uneven recovery has interfered in the positive feeling of the population in general”.


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