The Swiss president expresses confidence in the Argentine Republic

We have a lot of confidence in Argentina and in the economic growth this country will have.

With these words and without further digression except for her praises of Mauricio Macri’s management, the Swiss President, Doris Leuthard, began the first day of her official visit to Buenos Aires.

This is the first visit of a Swiss President to Argentina. She also arrived with an important group of entrepreneurs. In the first official meeting Leuthard met with many deputies from Buenos Aires such as  Santamarina, Francisco Quintana (Deputy Leader of the PRO party), Gabriel Fucks (Frente para la Victoria party) and Marcelo Depierro (Confianza Pública party) among others.  Also present at the meeting was the Legislative Secretary of Foreign Affairs Pablo Garzonio, the Swiss Ambassador Hanspeter Mock, the Argentine Ambassador to Switzerland Antonio Trombetta, the President of the European Club Benito Blanco,  the Director of the UBS Investment Bank Enrique Vivot,  Philipp Mäder from the Schweizer Illustrierte; Vontobel CEO Zeno Staub and  Antonio Palma, Managing Partner at Mirabaud.
Leuthard offered her collaboration in boosting investments in Argentina and in improving Argentina’s credit rating. She also said she was going to help in the Argentine policy of opening up new markets.

Context / Investments in Argentina

1/ U.S

2/ Spain

3/ Holland

4/ Brazil

5/ Chile

6 Switzerland =  u$s 3700 millions

Companies in Argentina

Nestle / Foods




UBS Investment Bank

Schweizer Illustrierte



Stadler Rail Management / Railway

Molinari Rail / Railway

Source PH: Casa Rosada Presidencia de la Nación

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