From Miami to Buenos Aires

Energy, technology, construction supplies, health equipment and port services are some of the types of businesses the companies from the State of Florida that are landing in Buenos Aires next Monday have. They are looking for new business opportunities in the Argentine market.

“The Florida governor feels positive about this mission to Argentina. The new business atmosphere of the country together with President Macri´s aim of increasing the trade with partners such as the ones from Florida entails more job creation opportunities for both countries. Florida is the gateway to Latin America and we are happy to encourage more businesses with Argentina”, Jeri Bustamante, from the governor’s press office says.

“This is related to the political change experienced by Argentina, and it is most probable that other states interested in doing business follow our example”, says Manny Mencia, Vice President of International Trade & Development for Enterprise Florida, the economic development department of the state.

Additional Info:

The industry sectors listed below provide the best opportunities for
exports from the United States to Argentina. Given the recent easing
of import restrictions, there are many promising prospects and interested
companies should know that the list below is not exclusive. There are
several other opportunities that may not be explicitly listed. If your industry
is not mentioned below, please contact us for a no-obligation assessment.
Leading sectors for Florida exports to Argentina include:
• Medical Technology
• Information and Communications Technology
• Telecommunications Equipment
• Transportation Infrastructure Equipment and Services
• Electronic Security Equipment
• Food Processing Equipment
• Agricultural Machinery and Parts

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