President Leuthard to travel to Argentina and Peru

Doris LeuthardPresident Doris Leuthard is shortly due to pay official visits to Argentina and Peru. On 18 April she will meet President Mauricio Macri and a number of government ministers in Argentina. The aim of the visit is to bring fresh impulses to the longstanding and dynamic relations between the two countries. In Peru too the aim of the visit will be to deepen bilateral relations. On 21 April President Leuthard will be received by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in Lima.

The presidential talks in Buenos Aires are expected to cover cooperation between Switzerland and Argentina on business and trade, which is to be deepened in upcoming negotiations on a free trade agreement between EFTA and Mercosur. Closer cooperation is also being sought in the areas of science, justice and finance, and within the UN where both countries have worked together successfully on human rights. President Macri will inform President Leuthard…

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