Chacras Park

The perfect time for investment in property

Looking for new ventures in emerging markets? There can be no mistaking the new opportunities arising for investment in Argentinian real estate. Favourable governmental conditions and a lack of sufficient urban development, along with positive economic projections for the country, are attracting a new wave of international investors.

investing in Chracras Park, anew urban development

The increasing popularity of Mendoza as a tourist destination, and the growing demands of local businesses, have created an ideal situation for investment into property in the region, and more specifically,  that of commercial office space.

Chairman of the Kaikoura Group, Richard Brake; “We realised several years ago that the needs of businesses were not serviced in Mendoza, and that the demand for new urban developments with modern offices was only going to increase. What we want to do is bring the vision of a new workplace to Mendoza; a development ideal for investment, a working environment we think everyone will really love.”

Chacras Park answers the shortage of modern office space in Mendoza, and will continue to do so for the next 10 years, with the development of 14 premium office blocks surrounded by services and  conveniences of the highest quality.

Early entrants into new office buildings have the chance to take advantage of presale rates that promise lucrative returns on capital, the prices of offices forecast to rise exponentially over the foreseeable future.

The Proyect

The 11 hectares of Chacras Park will be developed in
6 phases over 8 – 10 years.
Each phase promises new and exciting conveniences including:

A Medical Centre  /  A Bank  /  Pharmacy  /  Residential Apartment Towers  /  Retirement Apartment Buildings with onsite Frail Care facilities  /  Storage Facilities  /  A World Class Gym

A Children’s Playground  /  A Children’s Nursery  /  A Walking/Bike Trail

On completion, the overall development will include:
•  62 500 m² of office space
•  13 000 m² of commercial retail space
•  30 000 m² of residential apartments
•  3 000 parking bays

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