The President of BID is to Announce a New Credit Plan for Argentina

The Inter-American Development Bank  (BID) will announce an important credit package for Argentina’s social and infrastructure programs to take place at its highest level of exposure in the country.

BID President Luis Moreno will make this announcement when he arrives Buenos Aires to meet with President Mauricio Macri and Minister of Finance, Luis Caputo, who represents Argentina in BID. Chief of the Finance, Pablo Quirno, stressed the importance of a relationship with BID to accelerate the implementation of short-term infrastructure projects.


Moreno is expected to announce an important package of additional credits, during a meeting on Monday with Macri. This package would take the BID’s exposure to a virtually unprecedented level in its history with Argentina.

A strong relationship between Moreno and President Macri began last April during a visit to the Colombian National Officer in Buenos Aires.

Without specifying the amounts, Quirno has indicated that these additional resources will be allocated to “infrastructure projects and social plans”.

It will also improve in the organization of the BID’s Annual Summit, which is to be held in March 2018 in the Province of Mendoza. The last time this meeting occurred was in Buenos Aires during the 90’s.

The BID Summit will take place over the span of 4 days with more than 3000 participants and the assistance of 387 public and private institutions. The Summit will have at least 17 seminars and create 450 documents. Representatives from the 48 countries that constitute BID will attend the Summit, as well as civil servants and officials.

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