Green Energy is already trending in Godoy Cruz

The solar power plant located in the warehouses of the Luis Menotti Pescarmona Green Space in Godoy Cruz has already begun to take its first great steps in the sustainability policy adopted by the municipality and led by Tadeo García Zalazar.

This initiative has prompted the municipality to develop this type of energy in public buildings such as  the Governing Council, health centers and sports centers.


New Department of Environment and Energy

From now onwards, the new Department of Environment and Energy will be headed by Leonardo Mastrangelo, who will also be in charge of Civil Protection. During the ceremony, the communal leader explained that “the idea of creating this department stems from the increased emphasis that municipal policies have placed on environmental issues”. It’s known that Godoy Cruz is a member of the Network of Argentinian Cities Against Climate Change and as a part of this network, our work has been one of constant growth.”


Municipal Program of Clean Energies Promotion

Godoy Cruz invites all the companies that develop clean energy equipment to enroll in the Municipal Program of Clean Energies Promotion. “The participating companies will become part of the municipality’s database so that enquiring citizens and small businesses may access this registry and evaluate the costs and benefits of the equipment” explained Leonardo Mastrangelo, the director of Environment and Energy.

Those interested can visit the CAU Perito Moreno 70, Godoy Cruz.

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