The bike lanes of the city and the “Bike Share” program

The worldwide movement of using the bicycle as a sustainable means of transportation is not foreign to the city. The municipalities of the capital city and the one from Godoy Cruz already have more than 24 kilometers of bike lanes for citizens to enjoy in a healthy and comfortable way.

Bicycles in the “Bike Share” program

Additionally, the municipalices of the city of Mendoza and Godoy Cruz have a program called “Bike Sharing”. It consists of an integrated system of transportation based on the use of shared bikes to practically and simply travel from one place to another. The numbers of the program are staggering; there have been more than 110,000 loans and 22,600 users!

This growth is a testament to the constant work carried out by the municipalities to provide the adequate infrastructure to support this movement. In doing so, there are already thirteen bicycle loan stations, nine manual and four automatic, which have a total of 180 bicycles.

Modern and recycled lane dividers for the city’s new bike lanes

The new bike lanes in the city have Zebra No. 9 lane dividers. They are manufactured by the company Zicla, from Barcelona, with durable and visible material. The divider is a recycled and recyclable product made from electrical cable coatings which provide safety to the cyclist. It is also an element of traffic channeling which allows the draining of rainwater and the exit of the cyclist in necessary cases. In addition, those who walk alongside the new lanes will be accompanied by the small plants called “Coirones” which are on the side of the road.

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