Mendoza Begins to Generate Power Again After 15 Years

The new thermal generation plant increases the national electric system by 41 MW. It will work by “venting” gas from the oil wells.

In addition to providing more electricity, the enterprise contributes to the provincial economy by diversifying the energy matrix, providing more jobs, opening the doors to technological innovation, and increasing revenues by electricity generation and gas exploitation.

The investment of the plant costs around U$S 100 million and will generate 25 fixed jobs.

With the application of innovative technology, the thermal power plant will use liquefied natural gas (LNG) from oil wells that are not directly connected to the system by recovering the natural gas that is currently being vented to be used as fuel.

For the Province, the implementation of the new thermal plant in Anchoris will represent income from royalties gas (15%), gross receipts for gas production (2%) and gross revenues by generation (1%). In addition, social benefits highlight the possibility of connecting departments from the South to the Virtual Pipeline and the installation of peak shaving systems.

Mendoza hopes to continue to do more projects of this type, such as the solar energy panels in the Sosneado, San Rafael; the Sites; and the micro-turbines in Cacique Guaymallén.

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