Argentina Seeks to Replicate Polo TIC Mendoza in the Entire Country

The Minister of Modernization of the Nation, Andrés Ibarra, toured different points of the province including Polo TIC Mendoza, which is located in Godoy Cruz, where he was received by Mayor Tadeo García Zalazar and the president of the Polo TIC Mendoza, Rodolfo Giro. In addition to the Minister of Government, Dalmiro Garay; The undersecretary of industry and commerce, Guillermo Cruz and Diego Costarelli, private secretary of government.

The reason for Ibarra’s visit to TIC Park is to try and replicate this model that combines companies with their own offices and shared buildings to articulate the public and private sector.

“We like Mendoza’s model with its public-private articulation, which is unique in its kind, and we want to replicate it in other parts of the country,” said Ibarra.

Regarding the opportunity Tadeo García Zalazar said that “all jurisdictions at the municipal, provincial, universities, and obviously the business sector must work together; We as a municipality have many expectations because our idea is to generate employment and technological training, in regards to the idea that innovation solves people’s problems and serves to the development of user-friendly technology; We already have 13 working companies and we will reach 24”



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