Mendoza: Towards a Comprehensive Regional Development Plan

In order to advance the project of Mendoza Logistics, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) held a workshop with public officials and private actors to analyze and understand in detail the scope of the logistics regarding the Mendoza initiative and the benefits they generate for the whole region and start defining the strategic plan and program funding.

The meeting/workshop called “Mendoza: Towards a Comprehensive Regional Development Plan” aims to prepare for the for a Regional Logistics Development Plan, which includes identifying priority areas of intervention.

The workshop will address several different topics. Also participating in this activity IDB officials, members of national, provincial, government officials and sectors.

Alfredo Cornejo governor of Mendoza:

Mendoza, one of the most developed provinces in Argentina, is likely to develop non – traditional strategic sectors such as ICT, renewable energy, creative industries, and infrastructure.

We have a strong institutional framework. We set out at the start of a management operation to recover the strict rule of law. This has been giving directionality to public investment, predictability for investments made by the private sector, and signals to funding agencies that Mendoza meets its obligations. Today we are paying the debts when other provinces and the federal governments cannot.

In the past two years, we have worked on an infrastructure plan in order to develop Mendoza in the coming decades. However, this plan must be coordinated with the national government. Some works are being implemented and others will do so shortly. We are cleaning up public finances, costs and expenses we balance, we assume a deficit of 9%.

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