Opinion: Enrique Pescarmona

Argentina and Mendoza, in particular, will have a great future for their people as it will return to being a first world nation, which can be achieved in 8 to 12 years. I have seen transformations of this kind occur in occur in a short period of time and even in less than a generation. This has happened in Asian countries and Latin American countries like Chile and Colombia, but This not happen in Venezuela and Cuba, who fell off the growth map.

Our people have accepted that the populist side is not going anywhere, today we have a country where mistakes will be made, but the important thing is to rectify them, said the businessman.

In economics, in politics, and in general in life, you do not have to be an ideologist, you have to learn that in every moment of your life, in addition to reinventing yourself, you will have to learn how to survive, and how to adapt to the circumstances, he advised.

When they kidnapped me (I’m not a diplomat and I personally say what I think) I became the most educated and diplomatic man in the world: we had to survive, he said firmly.

Enrique Pescarmona closed the speech by advising young people present:

You have to forget about ideologies, these are not reality, you have to discover what to do in each stage of life and move forward in your personal situation. It can be fixed, the future can, we can not live in the past, you have a great future, you are the future of Mendoza, our country, Latin America and the world, embrace the challenges.

The entrepreneur was recognized by the Entrepreneurial Council of Mendoza in the closing ceremony of the yea

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