Godoy Cruz participated in the Conference on Climate Change in Germany

Godoy Cruz, a pioneer, and protagonist in the care of the environment, participated in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, COP 23 in the Bonn, Germany.

As a member of the Argentina Network of Municipalities Against Climate Change (RAMCC), the community forms part of the official delegation of Argentina with Mayor Tadeo García Zalazar as their representative.

At COP23, which was the first meeting of this kind since the United States left the Paris Agreement, countries and cities reaffirmed their commitment to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 2030.

The leader of the meeting, along with local authorities from cities around the world, recalled the general experience of the department regarding changes concerning environmental policies and actions to seek finances for new projects such as energy replacement, LED lights, or a generation of new photovoltaic plants.


Godoy Cruz seeks to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases

The community seeks to further reduce pollution and its goal is to implement three programs:. The use of clean energy in homes and businesses, the improvement of urban mobility, and the reduction of landfills.

It will continue to promote the use of bicycles by expanding bicycle paths. Godoy Cruz also plans to implement new public transportation services, such that there will be an exclusive driving lane for buses.

Also, programs regarding urban solid waste production will be expanded and the ability to recycle tires will soon become available (for the first time in Argentina). Godoy Cruz will continue the program to replace city buses which includes the addition of 10 new buses by the end of the year. All these projects will be shared with cities in other countries to generate examples of cooperation and financing new projects.

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