200 Hectares of Solar Energy

In mid-2018 the construction will begin for the first large solar park in Mendoza. It will be located in Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo in a 200-hectare area, and will feature nearly 180 thousand panels. It is estimated to produce the same amount of energy as the dam in Potrerillos and at different stages, it will employ more than 400 people, and constitute a US$100 million investment.

“The project to Mendoza, 100 MWp (measured solar energy) is very large and puts us on the world map of solar power generation. There was nothing of this size in the province, but I think in time it will be a small grain of sand in the amount of energy we generate,” said Ramiro Marquesini, COO Verano Capital, a company awarded with the project.

There will be 177,000 panels with energy production similar to that of Potrerillos, with the difference that the panels produce only 8 hours of sunlight, while the dam can work 24 hours. Mendoza advantage is that the sun rises on average 300 days a year, even on cloudy days can take advantage of the radiation.

Before mid-2019 it should be operational. Labor participation will be more than 400 people during the intensive period of placement and once in place will require ongoing maintenance, cleaning, security, and communications personnel, among others.

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