Opinions at the beginning of the year

This is a beautiful time to visit Mendoza – other harvest begins and its festivities become a national and global attraction. Let’s not forget that Mendoza is the 8th largest wine capital in the world. Thinking that it was once the largest producer, today it barely fights between the 4th and 5th place globally, in an industry that needs to reinvent itself in order to stop losing. In recent years, the institutions brings together the producers are involved in an institutional crisis. Apart from the internal problems, the positioning of Mendoza’s viticulture in the world is clear and this is demonstrated by the tourist and expert number who visit the province.
Something to highlight, The Institute of Masters of Wine with Wines of Argentina organized a trip to Argentina and its passage through Mendoza was exceptional, as can be seen in #MWinArgentina2018.

The year starts with many expectations as the good public administration results. Works on roads, renewable energy bridges and the remodeling of the main cities of Mendoza encourage new commercial opportunities in real estate, commerce and services. There is still a long way to go, but we are on a good path – as affirmed by the public and business sector of the region. The Governor Alfredo Cornejo plan is bearing fruit the citizenship has begun to recognize.

The tax bond implementation for local investments has been launched and the Friolatina Company made an ARS60 million investment.

This is not only an investment, but a stake on innovation and technology. In order to access this fiscal bonus, a public tender was carried out. Each one of the projects was presented given a score where 52 proposals were selected. The fiscal bonus was presented last year and now we wait for the next authorization to launch the fiscal bonus 2.

Martín Kerchner, Minister of Economy, Energy and Infrastructure of Mendoza.

On the other hand, the national entrepreneur’s law implementation is taking its first steps in practice with more than a 100 new companies. Mendoza is no-exception – already registering at least 10 new companies that benefit from the new entrepreneurs law.

There is an opportunity for local producers after the misfortune that hit regions of Napa, Sonoma and Yuba in San Francisco. During the months of December and now, close to the grape harvest, many winemakers and producers from the North were seen visiting the local wine regions. Valle de Uco is the priority, but the range of opportunities is quite broad and extends from Salta to Neuquén.

We have to see the power of local lobby to get the best slice – Politics also has a challenge and the half a dozen wine cameras that bring together Argentine production is in crisis, because the organization and authorities are always the same and the producers are hurt. We are in 2018, and in the best restaurants list of the world, Argentine wine occupies less than 1% – something we are not doing well, evidently.

The Argentine International Higher Education Fair 2018 (Fiesa) is a world meeting held for the first time in the country in order to strengthen our national universities position in the international community. This meeting will be held from February, Tuesday 27th – March, Friday 2th.

On the UNCuyo Director initiative, Daniel Pizzi, Mendoza is the Fiesa scene that seeks to internationalize provincial and national universities.

This event unprecedented in its nature will have more than 140 universities from 16 countries. The participating in the Fiesa from around the world will participate in training and linking actions that make possible the strategic links and work networks development for international cooperation; also to innovate, learn and develop international values, and capacities applied to higher education. For more information, visit fiesa2018.com.ar.

The Consejo Empresario Mendocino together with the local government organize for the second year a meeting, where the business and public sectors meet to show the reality and the opportunities to invest in Mendoza. The meeting is on March, Friday 2th, one day before the Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia central event, a meeting that will bring together some of the most important local and national politics.

Javier Allub, President of the Consejo Empresario Mendocino, affirmed to a local mass-media
We are working very hard to finalize details – the challenge we have is to try to gather more than 200 investors. We hope to have about 400 attendees among the different actors involved in the event.
I will be taking notes and I will share more info in next post.

By Federico Arce / Content director and community

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