Everis invests in Mendoza

Governor Alfredo Cornejo, alongside President Mauricio Macri and Martin Kerchner, the minister of Economy, Infrastructure and Energy of Mendoza, reunited with authorities from the company Everis — one of the five largest companies in the world in technological developments — who announced that they would invest in Mendoza and open a headquarters  in the provincial Technology Park.

Pablo Manzano Iglesias, director at Everis region America was present at the reunion and anticipated some of the benefits that these inversions mean for Mendoza and Argentina:

On a national level, we’re going to multiply our size in the country by 6 percent within 5 years, and we’ll go from 400 to 2400 people, of which 900 will be in Mendoza. At the level of investment, only in salaries, in 5 years we would be talking about more than  200,000,000 dollars throughout country, which in Mendoza would mean around 75,000,000 dollars. In addition, there would exist new departments/areas, some that will serve the region of America, and others only Argentina.

The arrival of a giant company such as Everis represents a key boost to place the province at the forefront in terms of technological development. Latin America and North America.


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