Demand Solutions Mendoza 2018: Ideas for Improving Lives in Cities

Demand Solutions: Ideas for Improving Lives in Cities
In the framework of the Annual Meeting of the Boards of Governors of
the IDB and IDB Invest
Mendoza – 2018 Thursday, 22 March – Hotel Intercontinental.


9:50 – 10:35 AM
Sustainable Mobility: The New Imperative

The Future of Mobility in Cities
Gustavo Riart, Founder, TOPA
Panel: Why is it important to have better land management in cities?

Darío Hidalgo, Director, Integrated Transport, World Resources
María Fernanda Pacheco, Municipality of Quito
Guillermo Dietrich, Minister of Transportation, Argentina
Agustín Aguerre, Manager Infrastructure and Energy Sector, IDB


11:05 – 11:50 AM
Urban resilience, environmental awareness, and the future of our

The growing impact of climate change on cities, the need to counteract its causes, and the role of innovation in resolving its effects.
David Rosenberg, Founder, Aerofarms

Innovative and resilient cities: How to contend with the adverse effects of climate change and natural disasters
Alfredo Ramírez, Founder, GroundLab
Belinda Tato, Architect, Ecosistema Urbano
Raisa Banfield, Deputy Mayor, Panama District
Tatiana Gallego, Housing and Urban Development Division Chief, IDB


1:35 – 2:20 PM
The future of work and the challenges of population growth in cities
How the rise of new automated technologies and artificial intelligence will impact the future of jobs
Nicolás Jodal, CEO, GeneXus

How today’s entrepreneurs can contend with disruptive technology
and adapt to new challenges
Gloria Ortega, General Manager, Bancard
Mariano Tamburrino, Founding Partner, S4
Silvina Moschini, CEO SheWorks & Founder TransparentBusiness
• Marcelo Cabrol, Social Sector Manager, IDB


2:45 – 3:40 PM
Creative districts: Tapping into heritage and creativity to revitalize our
How cities can tap into the people’s creative talent to solve
problems and create opportunities.
Charles Landry, Author, “The Creative City: A Toolkit for Urban

How to use data and technology to design, modernize and make our cities
more inclusive.
Erin Baumgartner, Assistant Director, MIT Senseable City Lab
Paula Silva, Manager, British Council Arts Program
Luis Bruno, Dean, Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Urban
Development of the University of Buenos Aires
Trinidad Zaldívar, Cultural, Solidarity, and Creativity Affairs Division
Chief, IDB
Presentation: Juan José Campanella, Film Director, Writer and Producer

Data of interest:

World Resources Institute
Municipality of Quito
Ecosistema Urbano
SheWorks & Founder TransparentBusiness

MIT Senseable City Lab

British Council Arts Program

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