It is a projects accelerator that was born in Mendoza with the aim of promoting the new technology-based startups creation. Like the main centers of innovation in the world, Mendoza will have from now a space where they can pre-accelerate and accelerate projects that have strong social, economic, and sustainable impact over time to strengthen and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.

This private initiative is within the projects accelerators group that was selected by the Ministry of Production of the Nation to manage the funds available to the government invest in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This presents a good opportunity to lay the foundations in the new global economy.

Keeping in mind the main target companies in the sector –such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, among others– were born based on risk capital. Today, Mendoza has an opportunity to take advantage because its entrepreneurial ecosystem and human resources, product of its good educational system, which is the base of the main innovation centers such as Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv.

If you are interested in being part of this innovative ecosystem, do not hesitate to contact us.



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