El Bosque

Gimenez Riili

More than 10 years working as real estate developers support our career. Following the #Go East concept, we are building our brand  in Guaymallén, Maipú and San Martín. We are building private neighborhoods of excellence in Mendoza. Led by Juan Manuel Gimenez Riili, our young staff enthusiastically builds modern and innovative projects that offer residential solutions.

Development: El Bosque

The Private Neighborhood El Bosque is located in Rodeo del Medio, Maipú, Mendoza. It is projected as the most important real estate development of Gimenez Riili. It has 900 lots for sale. In all our developments, the lots have financing facilities and immediate deed registration.

It is located in Don Bosco St. and Route No. 50, in the locality of Rodeo del Medio, 15 minutes from the city of Mendoza. It is bordering the Acceso Este.

This great residential project is particularly outstanding. It is surrounded by a centennial forest. It is located in a 24,800 m2 piece of land which has more than one thousand trees.
This ancient forest used to be the garden of the famous mansion that belonged to Lucila Barrionuevo de Bombal, founder of Maria Auxiliadora School and Don Bosco University and responsible for the building of Rodeo del Medio church.

Important brands like Umara, GoBar, La Veneciana, Bio Club Gym among others, will be the companies which will offer different services in the shopping mall of this private neighborhood. El Bosque offers sports, healthy life, amenities, agreeable moments and the possibility of living in a place with heritage value for Mendoza.

Main Characteristics

* 840 lots for sale in Rodeo del Medio, Maipú, Mendoza

* Underground Services

* Wide paved streets

* Private Security

* Exercising  Track

* 2 Tennis Courts

* 4 Artificial Turf Fields for Playing Football

* 2 Multipurpose Fields

* 2 Volleyball Courts

* 3 BBQ Areas

* 6 Multipurpose Rooms

* Club House

* Amphitheatre for Kids

* Parking Areas

Shopping Mall

* 20 Stores

* Major Name Brands

* Restaurant

* Gym

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