Experience Endeavor Mendoza 2018


Endeavor Argentina organized an Experiencia Endeavor event in the city of Mendoza to highlight the development of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, promoting Endeavor’s mission and entrepreneurs’ success stories. Endeavor Argentina also announced the expansion of its offices to Patagonia and Mendoza, both of which will be operating by 2015.

Experience Endeavor Mendoza 2018

Thursday 28 de june 2018 09:00 – 19:00.
TEATRO PLAZA Colon 27 Godoy Cruz, Mendoza

Endeavor Talks: Speakers of International Level seek to inspire through life stories.
Roberto Souviron / Founder DESPEGAR.COM
Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes / Founder & CEO  FIRE ADVERTAINMENT
– Gustavo Grobocopatel / Presidente del Grupo Los Grobo
– Diego Noriega / Founder AULAMAULA.COM
Mauro Bono / Founder SAVANT

Workshops: 4 Key workshops to start and grow your business.

1. | workshops GOOGLE

2. | workshops FACEBOOK

3. | workshops TWITTER

4. | workshops SNAPCHAT

Endeavor Connects :

+ from 15 group mentoring offices with experts and entrepreneurs of the Endeavor network on issues of conflict when undertaking or growing with our companies.

Net Working Party. A closure designed to have fun, share some beers and keep networking!
Come and empower your enterprising gen!

Book your place now! Enrolling TODAY you get a 50% discount! 


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