Argentina launched the tender for the Portezuelo del Viento dam

The national government launched the bidding process for the construction of the Portezuelo del Viento dam in the southern province of Mendoza, which will improve the irrigation capacity of the area, produce electricity for more than 150,000 homes and generate more of 2,000 jobs during the execution of the work.

The Portezuelo del Viento Multipurpose Water Use will be located in the Rio Grande, in the department of Malargüe, and pursues several objectives: protect the middle and upper basin of the Colorado River from untimely floods, increase access to irrigation throughout the basin and improve the national energy matrix adding renewable energy.

The specifications and the technical documentation of the work were available to all interested companies after an act that took place in Casa Rosada and of which the Chief of Staff, Marcos Peña, participated; the ministers of the Interior, Public Works and Housing, Rogelio Frigerio, and Finance, Nicolás Dujovne, as well as the governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo.

Frigerio considered that Portezuelo del Viento is “fundamental for the province, for the region and for the country” and stressed that “it is a multipurpose project that will not only generate irrigation in the region, but will also serve as a protection against floods.”Regarding financing, Dujovne explained that the system of Public Private Participation was changed to another that will be made up of funds that can be from the Treasury, bilateral or multilateral, “which will allow a substantially lower cost”, and stressed that “Far from delaying the works, this will accelerate the process.”

Governor Cornejo, meanwhile, argued that the project “is the engine of development in the south of the province and adds energy to the rest of the country, in harmony with the rest of the solar, wind and micro-electric projects that are carried out with the National government”.

Source Presidency of the Nation

Photo Government of Mendoza de Mendoza

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