Mendoza’s garlic exports had a good year

In 2018, shipments abroad grew by more than 29% in volume over the previous year and totalled 76.2 million tonnes.

The garlic exporter sector concluded 2018 with a significant increase in export volumes. According to the evolution of the last 5 years, the garlic has had constant growth, except for the fall of 2015, marked mainly by the entry of smuggling of Chinese garlic to Brazil, which was reduced with the agreement driven from Promendoza with the chambers of Garlic mend Ocina and Brazilian (Asocamen and Anapa).

The highlight is that garlic culminated its sales in 2018 with a growth in volumes of 29.21% more than in 2017: it went from selling 59000 tons to 76200 annually.

Prospects for 2019

“from our business intelligence sector we have warned that the surface of garlic implanted in China has fallen by about 15%, so we hope that during this year prices will Tonifiquen, because with a lower offer is Logical that international prices grow, ” Mario Lazzaro Director of Promendoza.

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