L Catterton invest in Susana Balbo wines

The investment fund L Catterton added its second winery in Argentina. After closing an agreement with Luigi Bosca, he now made an investment to become a partner of Susana Balbo Wines, the family business founded by Susana Balbo.

“Susana Balbo Wines is an innovative winery with avant-garde vision in its own category. As the first woman winemaker in the history of Argentine viticulture, Susana is a preeminent winemaker with enterprising spirit who has built an incredible portfolio of wines, “said Dirk Donath, managing Partner of L Catterton Latin America.

Susana Balbo Wines was born in 1999 and today its wines are exported 33 countries with the brands Cryo, BenMarco, Susana Balbo Signature and us. The firm is also positioned with one of the highest average prices in the industry among the top 15 wine exporters in Argentina.