Plum exports increased

The United States, Brazil, Russia and the Emirates are the destinations that lead the listing. 

The strategic plan that the provincial government faced during 2018, through Pro Mendoza, to recover plum importer markets was overwhelming to such an extent, that we were able to increase sales abroad 55% compared to 2017.

In the province there are 4,500 primary producers of plum, in the drying industry are 450 and 33 firms are exporters. Most of the products come out through the Customs office of San Rafael to Valparaiso or the port of Buenos Aires.



Opportunities to Invest in the Sector

Packaging for food products
Agricultural and industrial machinery
Logistics (regular and cold-chain freight)

Manufacturing of the following products:

Concentrated and sulphited must
Fruit pulp
Fruit juice
Organic food and beverages
Distilled spirits
Use of primary industry byproducts
Fodder and livestock feed


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