Audiovisual industry

Mendoza wants to be the audiovisual pole of western Argentina and offers great advantages for the development of this industry that started its activities in Mendoza in 1944 with the legendary film studio Film Andes, which produced about 10 films. Its history is inspiring today the fostering of this activity in the province.

In recent years, Mendoza has been the chosen location for several productions as “Algunos días sin música”, “Road July”, “Vino para robar” and “Lo que nunca nos dijimos”. They became trendsetters and demonstrated the potential of Mendoza to be a pole for audiovisual productions.

Reasons to invest in the audiovisual sector in Mendoza

Variety of natural landscapes and architectural diversity 
Locations to discover include: from the Andes Mountains to the desert dunes in Lavalle or the protected areas with the imposing Aconcagua Peak. There are also cultivated areas and sleepy villages, the City of Mendoza itself with its General San Martin Park, rivers, lakes and reservoirs. The flora and fauna of Mendoza add particular beauty to the scenery. Architecture is another attraction that offers the most diverse sets for filming in Mendoza.

Exceptional weather
Four clearly differentiated seasons, scant rainfall and good weather with sunny days and clear skies are the ideal set for any kind of production.

Ethnic diversity
Descendants of Italians and Spaniards live together with immigrants from neighboring countries, heirs of German, Arab and Asian minorities and, of course, with descendants of aboriginal communities. All of them could become potential actors for the cast.

Highly skilled human capital 
The educational institutions of the province provide a wide range of careers, undergraduate courses, technical training and workshops on the subject to professionally prepare human resources to meet the diversity of tasks required by this cultural industry. The creation of local television broadcasters in the province promotes the development of technical resources.

Convenient relative costs 
Compared to other locations, the costs of accommodation, food, transportation and professional services in Mendoza are more convenient and can significantly reduce the costs when budgeting a project.

Mendoza is linked to the rest of the country and the world through good routes and more than 140 weekly flights. There is very good quality of service providers for communications and logistics.

Good infraestructure and service providers 
Mendoza provides everything you need to carry out any kind of audiovisual project.

Investment Opportunities

Film productions
Other audiovisual productions
Advertisement productions, whether filmed, animated or with the use of pictures of Mendoza landscapes.
Production Sets
Equipment rentals
Talent Agencies (Models and Actors)
Specialized logistics for productions Companies engaged in the production of content
Training institutes for Film & Arts
Animation companies
Production services

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