Honey industry in Mendoza

Argentine honey is internationally recognized for its quality and all kinds of varieties are produced in the country: from the darkest to the lightest honeys.

The beekeeping activity is located in Argentina almost exclusively dedicated to the production of honey.

The honey produced in Argentina is consumed, almost in its entirety, abroad; according to the referents interviewed, Argentina exports 95% of the honey it produces, of which, in turn, almost all of it is exported in bulk (sales abroad of fractional honey are insignificant).

Argentina is one of the three main producing and exporting countries of honey in the whole world, being its main destiny the developed countries (the United States and Europe), where it is consumed fundamentally for alimentary ends, being able to mix in certain circumstances with honeys “of cut “From other origins.

The vast majority of the honey produced in the country is made using the traditional method.

The apiculture of Mendoza has managed to position itself as an important player in the bee production of Argentina, being outstanding as a producer of honey and living material.

The average annual yield per hive is from 20kgr to 25kgr
Average price 2018 – 2019 $ 37 to $ 42 x Kgr.

The zones of greater production are the South and North of the Province.

The map of honey
North Zone: Lavalle.
Central and Eastern Zone: Guaymallén, San Martín, Junín, General Alvear, Santa Rosa, La Paz.
Valle de Uco Zone: Tunuyán, Tupungato, San Carlos.
South Zone: San Rafael.

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