+B Mendoza 2019

The activity will involve more than a thousand people from 40 countries. The international meeting seeks to disseminate regarding the new trends on sustainability and positive social and environmental impact, which will be attended by entrepreneurs, academics, entrepreneurs, social leaders and students from five continents. Who are in Chile today, what will happen in Mendoza and what does the Movement of Companies + B represent.


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They are large annual events which, since 2016, have brought together the whole of the B Movement. Since last year, with the encuentro +B in Puerto Varas, Chile, participation has extended beyond Latin America to include people from all around the world. Today, encuentro +B is a global event.

Sistema B is a movement that strives to engage businesses as new players in the search for solutions to social and environmental issues while creating a convergence of interests.

We believe that governments, citizens, businesses, investors and the knowledge-based community can come together to build an economy where success is measured by the well-being of individuals, society and nature.

More information encuentrob.org

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