Two entrepreneurs have created a new category of wines that unite people around the world

The Startup ́s aim is to lead the way for Blending Wines Between Countries. It combines Wine, Technology, and Donations to Make a Better World.


Mendoza, Argentina I Milano, Italy – September 12, 2019. InterBlend is not like any other winery. The company is guided by its mission which is to foster understanding and communication into people using wine as the means to an end.

The idea behind blending is to mix two or more wines in certain proportions to produce a different wine, and should result in one product which is better than its individual components.

“At the end of the day, as simple wine consumers, we are not interested in searching for wine perfection. We are interested in what wine generates. Wine unites people and leads them to communicate and understand each other” said Guillermo Pontis, Co-Founder and CCO.

With this goal in mind, InterBlend selects nine of the most representative countries in the wine industry, each represented with its flagship grape variety to be part of the experience where a portfolio of twelve products is created by blending wines between these countries.

InterBlend World in Wine | Core Collection:

INTERNATIONAL SERIES: Bi–Varietal Blends created between two countries.

SUPER SERIES: Blends of the same variety of wine sourced from three or more countries.

GLOBAL SERIES: Blend created between the union of wines from nine countries, each one with a different variety.

Innovation allies with a wine that unite the people of the world creating the first ever Smart Bottle that links the consumer with their Smartphone allowing them to create, discover and share stories. Additionally, each bottle includes an implicit donation of 8% for the consumer to become an active participant supporting Causes of Good that most identify him.

We introduce some attributes of an InterBlend “Smart Bottle”:

GOODNESS NFC: An experience of communication and understanding while providing valuable information. The user will know when, where and how the wine was made.

SHARE YOUR VOICE: Let your voice be an inspiration. Share your story and let your voice be heard.

WORLD IN WINE: A new category of wines that are obtained by blending wines from the best world regions to produce unique, high quality and food friendly blends.

BLOCKCHAIN CERTIFIED: We care about transparency. We follow the nationality of the wines as well as the donations. Implementing a comprehensive traceability solution using open Blockchain Technology.

8% FOR ONE WORLD: With every bottle purchased we donate 8% of our sales to empower all women and girls, supporting The Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

BLENDING CULTURES: Leading the way in creating blends with creativity and innovation with the aim of creating a more unified world.

THE EXPERIENCE: Share your voice, communicate directly with whoever you want and #unlockdialogue.

 “Our stories connect us. They can also inspire, entertain and empower us. We believe that all stories deserve to be told, heard and honored. With our wines, you can send a direct message to those you care about the most. So, let your voice be an inspiration” said Luis Rovello, Co-Founder and CEO.

What takes away our sleep is not to make the best wine «of» the world, we are here to make the best wine «for» the world.
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About InterBlend:
InterBlend is a technology-based startup founded by two great friends and wine lovers, Guillermo Pontis and Luis Rovello. It has a team specialized in wine, innovation, and communications, which tries to have a positive impact on the world.

Media & Investor Contact:
Nicolás Ramírez | Chief Financial Officer | InterBlend

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