MoonDesk accelerates its competitive advantages by joining as a Microsoft for Startups Partner

The software that optimizes efficiency in the packaging design is now processing part of the Microsoft for Startups community, raising its value offer in the markets in which it operates.

The software that optimizes efficiency in the packaging design is now  processing part of the Microsoft for Startups community, raising its value offer in the markets in which it operates.

After a management that involved demanding platform requirements, MoonDesk – the software that is proposed as an effective solution to automate and simplify the packaging design process – has been chosen as Microsoft Partner in its program “Microsoft for Startups“. Moondesk was selected for its value offer for different industries: automate the operational design work and represent a differential in the market, contributing to the productivity of the companies and the care of the environment by avoiding the reprinting of the packaging.

We are proud to have been chosen and to be part of this regional initiative that has had protagonists in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. It puts us in the face of an interesting challenge, having ahead of us the possibility of accelerated growth for our company and for our clients, says Gonzalo Yañez, CEO of MoonDesk.

This software eliminates errors in packaging design files, applying management intelligence in the edition, control and approval thereof. MoonDesk allows to accelerate the arrival to the market of the products to the clients that implement it. Initially specialized in bringing his solutions to the wine, liquor and beverage industry in Argentina and Chile. And it is currently expanding its offer to the Pharma industry, where there are rigorous legal requirements within the label and label information.

These solutions that are already part of the increase in productivity and the reduction of non-quality processes by 80% in companies that already have the software, were variables evaluated by Microsoft for Startups to enhance the MoonDesk business and provide benefits that They will help you climb.

For MoonDesk, being part of the Microsoft community means having triple impact help. On the one hand, it receives free technical resources and services in Azure (Microsoft’s cloud), mentoring through CSE and the third support is the orientation in the marketing area, where they link it to their sales platforms.

The benefits of being Microsoft Partners for Startups are already taking our customers, offering more affordable prices, free storage, and adapted plans for the communities of designers, SMEs and large national companies.If we grow together … we grow more, ”says Yañez, explaining that it is a pride for the company to form a partnership with one of the largest technology companies in the world.

About MoonDesk:

It is a software that applies management intelligence in the packaging design process: editing, control and approval, eliminating errors in the label and label files. Increasing the productivity of the groups involved in the process and the time of arrival of the brands to the market.

MoonDesk Contact

Lorena Osilia, Marketing Coordinator | | + 54 (261) 534 4881

Press Contacts

Stella Dottavio | Cel: + 54 (11) 5693 0483

Claudia Quilindro | Cel: + (54) 11 5743 0599

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