Mendoza exports wine in bulk to China

Argentine Mendoza wine export.

A company that began exploring the foreign market in 2019, together with ProMendoza, has already completed its first sale to China, exporting 480 thousand liters of Malbec wine to the wine city of Yantai for a total amount of 200 thousand dollars.

The MVW company, which is a broker of bulk wine and rural real estate, began shipping 10 of the 20 containers sold yesterday, after starting its negotiation in November 2019 at the Bulk Wine fair in Amsterdan, the Netherlands.

It is important to note that the positive trend of Mendoza wine exports, was mainly marked by the growth in liters of bulk wine, since in 2019 35% more bulk were exported than in 2018. The total bulk export last year exceeded 90 million liters, worth more than 55 million dollars.

Source Press Government of Mendoza

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