Connectivity and services

Two international passes linking Mendoza to Chile, an international airport,12 hydroelectric plants, routes, communications, one network access point (NAP), broad offer of supplies and services. Melt water from high mountain glaciers irrigate 360,000 hectares throughout the province, making Mendoza a worldwide example of sustainable use of water resources.

Infraestructure and service

Mendoza offers the infrastructure and services needed for business development.

The province is connected internally, as well as with the rest of the country and neighboring country Chile via paved roads. The two major national routes converge in Mendoza: Route 40, which runs from north to south along western Argentina, and Route 7, which runs east to west linking Buenos Aires with the main cities of Argentina.

There are two international passes connecting Mendoza with Chile through the Andes. Cristo Redentor is the most important pass and has a daily traffic of about 1,300 trucks. Customs facilities in Mendoza have modern control systems and a dry port.

Mendoza’s international airport operates 140 flights per week, mainly with the cities of Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, linking Mendoza with the rest of the world.

Mendoza has 11 industrial parks throughout the province, six in operation and five under development. There are also a technology park, two industrial areas and eight industrial zones.

Mendoza’s energy system is formed by 12 hydroelectric power plants and three thermal electric plants generating 6250 GWh per year. The power grid made up of 19,230 km of power lines supplies 530,000 users.

Melt water from high mountain glaciers, underground water reservoirs and 12,300 km of irrigation channels irrigate 360,000 hectares throughout the province, making Mendoza a worldwide example of sustainable use of water resources. A complex system of dams irrigates the oases and optimizes the use of water and its distribution over cultivated areas. This irrigation system is supplemented by a large number of groundwater wells and springs.

In addition, there are water treatment plants, which provide drinking water to 96.7% of the populated areas and a sewage and wastewater treatment system with coverage of 66.7%.

Telecommunications services and internet access are available all throughout Mendoza, combining traditional cabling with satellite systems.

Financial services are represented by banks, insurance companies, money exchange offices, real estate agencies, among other service providers.

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