Natural resources


Mendoza has reserves of oil, gas, potassium, coper, silicon, gypsum, gold, iron, zinc, quartz, manganese, among others. The province’s abundant natural resources are why Mendoza is considered an energy generation hub. There is great potential for hydroelectric, solar and geothermal energy production.

The weather is pleasant, mild, stable and with little rain.
Astonishing landscapes frame the productive, turistic and recreational activities in the province.

Mendoza’s irrigation water, mainly melt waters from glaciers and snow, is distributed through a sophisticated irrigation system. The mild weather is dry, with low humidity, low rainfall and pronounced daily and seasonal temperature fluctuations. This allows high-quality, pest-free agricultural practices with a minimal use of chemical products.

There are 16 protected natural areas for the conservation of native environments. These areas hold great value from the point of view of scenery, recreation, culture and the protection of nature.

In mid-2018 the construction will begin for the first large solar park in Mendoza. It will be located in Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo in a 200-hectare area, and will feature nearly 180 thousand panels. 

The government of Mendoza and the Inter-American Development Bank mutually agree to strengthen ties.

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