Alfredo Cornejo presented to investors to their pre candidate for governor

During the presentation of Mendoza in the debate organized by the Council of the Americas, the governor Alfredo Cornejo presented to investors to their chosen as pre candidate to continue with its management.


Tourist Sector: Positive start of the year

Mendoza closed the first month of 2019 with a positive balance, according to the authorities of the Mendoza Tourism Agency (Emetur). The hotel occupancy reached 75% of hotel occupancy on average. In total the visit of 425,000 tourists was registered.

Argentina launched the tender for the Portezuelo del Viento dam

The national government launched the bidding process for the construction of the Portezuelo de Viento dam in the southern province of Mendoza, which will improve the irrigation capacity of the area, produce electricity for more than 150,000 homes and generate more of 2,000 jobs during the execution of the work.