President Macri is in New York: the UN, the IMF and Wall Street

In his attempt to be the first head of state to break with the vicious circle of financial crises in Argentina (which economist Jeffrey Sachs compared this weekend to the movie Groundhog Day, President Mauricio Macri has began today a two-day-long jam-packed agenda aimed at clearing doubts about the course the national economy is going through, as well as the government’s ability to ensure the country will be able to meet its (new, revised) goals and obligations.

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UBER in Mendoza

Amid protests and pressure from taxi drivers, the electronic platform Uber is already legal in Mendoza, which becomes the first province in the country to regulate the virtual system and also in the first city in the world to enable the use before it disembarks. service.

It is great news that encourages employment and improves services to the thousands of tourists who visit the Province. Now Mendoza is expected to be a model for Argentina and the World.