Argentina Energy 2019

Argentina Energy es el encuentro internacional premium del sector energético argentino y se llevará a cabo bienalmente desde 2019. El evento fue creado para asistir en el desarrollo de nuevas oportunidades de negocios en el sector energético renovable y no renovable y para facilitar un desarrollo de una matriz energética sustentable y diversificada. Argentina Energy …


Invest in Vaca Muerta

The Vaca Muerta reservoir contains 40% of the country’s shale gas and features comparative advantages: accessibility, operational capacity, water availability, infrastructure and the technical expertise of human capital. Estimates regarding shale gas and shale oil potential give way to a promising outlook for the country’s development and for attaining the strategic goal of achieving energy security.

General Legal Framework

NATIONAL FOREIGN INVESTMENT ACT (Ley Nacional de Inversiones Extranjeras) The National Foreign Investment Act No. 21382 defines the legal framework governing foreign investment in the entire territory of the Argentine Republic. This legislation establishes the forms in which foreign investors may invest capitals in Argentina intended for the performance of economic activities (industry, mining, agriculture …