Invest in Startups

Mendoza is one of the leading provinces of Argentina in terms of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It stands out in areas like infrastructure (1st place) and ICT access and use in education (3rd place). The provinces of Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe concentrate 82.7% of all households with Internet access in the country and 82.6 % of broadband access.

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Industrialized Food and Beverages

Industrialized Food and Beverages Sector

The food and beverage industry in Mendoza counts with a wide availability of quality raw materials, permanent stock of supplies and competitive transport and logistics costs.

wine, must, hard cider and beer, among other beverages of low alcohol content carbonated water, mineral water, bottled drinking water, artificial mineral water, natural and artificial concentrated juice, canned fruit and vegetables, preserves, jams and marmalade, concentrated juice and fruit pulp, dried foods (prunes, tomatoes, a variety of vegetables, flaked mashed potatoes and bouillon cubes), olive oil and canned olives, vinegar and pickles, spices, ice cream, gourmet food (delicatessen) and beverages.
Mendoza is a leader in Mercosur in the production of canned peaches, industrialized tomatoes, prunes, olive oil and olives.

Gourmet and Organic Foods

Mendoza’s excellent agroecological conditions together with its multicultural culinary tradition leaded to investments in this niche.
Organic products like crops for industrial use, vegetables, onions and honey hold a special place in the production. Mendoza is the largest vine and organic garlic producer in Argentina.

Why Invest in Industrialized Food and Beverages in Mendoza?

Availability of a great variety of premium raw materials.
Strategic location.
Domestic and international logistics and distribution services to the Pacific Ocean via the Cristo RedentorPass.
Internationally renowned companies established in Mendoza
Skilled human capital
An established industry supported by the public sector
Food safety and the increasing global demand

Opportunities to Invest in the Sector

Packaging for food products
Agricultural and industrial machinery
Logistics (regular and cold-chain freight)

Manufacturing of the following products:

Concentrated and sulphited must.
Fruit pulp.
Fruit juice.
Organic food and beverages.
Distilled spirits.
Use of primary industry byproducts.
Fodder and livestock feed.