BottleHub, una herramienta digital clave para el desarrollo comercial de bodegas y distribuidores de bebidas

Diseñada como una solución comercial para bodegas y distribuidores de bebidas, la nueva funcionalidad permite contactar a miles de compradores de Vinos & Spirits de todo el país para comenzar a venderles a través de la plataforma.

A guide to buy real estate in Mendoza

Real estate transactions in Argentina are made in cash and in dollars. So, potential foreign buyers should consider this fact, since they will need cash to complete the transaction. Foreigners have basically three ways of getting cash into Argentina: a. Bureau de Change: Bureaux de change work as little private banks that transfer money to…… Continue reading A guide to buy real estate in Mendoza

Establishing a business

At the moment of setting up a business in Mendoza, investors have the following options: to establish a branch office of a foreign company, purchase an ownership interest in an existing company or create a new company. The main characteristics, requirements and implications of the different legal forms of business organizations in Argentina are described…… Continue reading Establishing a business

Regulations on real property

The development, acquisition and lease of real estate in Mendoza are mainly regulated by the Argentine Civil Code, which is applicable over the whole country. Also, provincial and municipal governments have their own specific regulations, licenses and authorizations. A lease of real estate is entered into between the parties in writing. A party agrees to…… Continue reading Regulations on real property

Tax System

Taxes in Argentina are levied by the national, provincial and municipal authorities, and they are mainly imposed on income, assets and consumption. At the national level, it is the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenue), a self-governed entity under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy and Public Finances, which is in charge of tax…… Continue reading Tax System