Aristides Villanueva Avenue

The Mayor of the City, Rodolfo Suarez, officially inaugurated the Avenida Arístides Villanueva emodeling, which has been turned into a modern walk designed especially for pedestrians.

After the work, included in the ambitious Urban Renovation Plan, the new Paseo Arístides Villanueva –from Av. Boulogne Sur Mer to Av. Belgrano– provides a design that is characterized by promoting better accessibility to people –such as a factor of urban development. The streets and sidewalks leveling allow pedestrian traffic to be more practical for everyone and especially for those with reduced mobility.

In the economic aspect, the works seek to transform cities to make them more attractive and competitive. It is a concept that aims at the strategic urban modification promoted by governments. For this reason, open shopping centers represent a fundamental transformation factor, where pedestrian traffic is prioritized, so that neighbors choose to walk to commercial areas.

Pedestrian schemes in the center of the city have been structured in such a way it allow short, medium and long term to implement projects that encourage and strengthen pedestrian recognition of their city and the belonging sense that stimulates walking through the city, center on an adequate infrastructure that safely facilitates mobility and enjoyment.

The work: modern and pedestrianizing concept
In detail, the road was renewed with cobblestones, the levels between streets and sidewalks were unified, the ditches and bridges were reconstructed, the sidewalks were extended with inclusive designs, the architectural barriers were eliminated, and the intersections corners were widened for greater security.
In addition, the power and telecommunications cables were buried, and greater and better lighting was installed throughout the route.
And along the way, smart bicycle stations, green points and common waste containers were installed, among other upgrades.

The bike lanes of the city and the “Bike Share” program

The worldwide movement of using the bicycle as a sustainable means of transportation is not foreign to the city. The municipalities of the capital city and the one from Godoy Cruz already have more than 24 kilometers of bike lanes for citizens to enjoy in a healthy and comfortable way.

Bicycles in the “Bike Share” program

Additionally, the municipalices of the city of Mendoza and Godoy Cruz have a program called “Bike Sharing”. It consists of an integrated system of transportation based on the use of shared bikes to practically and simply travel from one place to another. The numbers of the program are staggering; there have been more than 110,000 loans and 22,600 users!

This growth is a testament to the constant work carried out by the municipalities to provide the adequate infrastructure to support this movement. In doing so, there are already thirteen bicycle loan stations, nine manual and four automatic, which have a total of 180 bicycles.

Modern and recycled lane dividers for the city’s new bike lanes

The new bike lanes in the city have Zebra No. 9 lane dividers. They are manufactured by the company Zicla, from Barcelona, with durable and visible material. The divider is a recycled and recyclable product made from electrical cable coatings which provide safety to the cyclist. It is also an element of traffic channeling which allows the draining of rainwater and the exit of the cyclist in necessary cases. In addition, those who walk alongside the new lanes will be accompanied by the small plants called “Coirones” which are on the side of the road.