La Ciudad de Mendoza fue destacada como uno de los municipios con mejor gestión del país

La Ciudad de Mendoza fue reconocida en el Ranking de municipios 2019 en base a la eficiencia y eficacia de su gestión. Este es un premio que otorga el Ministerio del Interior de la Nación a las mejores gestiones y el municipio de Capital obtuvo el premio por su desempeño destacado.

Mendoza, among the 10 best places in the world to live

The American author David Wolfe, star of the universe of healthy foods and longevity, recommends on his website a list of places to live “as if one were rich”. Mendoza is the only site in South America in the ranking, and is valued for its “strong and prosperous economy.”

Mendoza, among the best places to visit in 2020 according to Forbes

The magazine published in the “Lifestyle” section a ranking with the perfect destinations to travel to next year. Our province appears as ideal for wine and nature lovers. Cities like Cape Town, Porto, Tokyo, Cabo San Lucas, Machu Picchu and Melbourne are part of the list.

Mendoza on the list of the 25 best destinations for 2020 by National Geographic

The Andes form a backdrop for grape vines in Mendoza’s Uco Valley, which produces award-winning Malbec. PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID NOTON PHOTOGRAPHY, ALAMY STOCK PHOTO

National Geographic made a list of the 25 best destinations by 2020 and included Mendoza. The province is the only place in Argentina and one of the three in America included in the ranking. “Our editors and explorers chose the 25 most exciting destinations on the planet for next year,” cites the article in which…… Continue reading Mendoza on the list of the 25 best destinations for 2020 by National Geographic