Industria audiovisual: unos 200 proyectos, 20 producciones y U$S 80 millones en ventas

Se trata de una actividad en alza. Este año Mendoza fue escenario de 20 producciones entre largometrajes, series y programas de TV. Actores nacionales en locaciones urbanas y de montaña.

opportunity to invest in tourism

The government estimates that more than 30 million dollars will be needed to develop tourism and trade in Lake Potrerillos

Opinions at the beginning of the year

This is a beautiful time to visit Mendoza – other harvest begins and its festivities become a national and global attraction. Let’s not forget that Mendoza is the 8th largest wine capital in the world.

Tax System

Taxes in Argentina are levied by the national, provincial and municipal authorities, and they are mainly imposed on income, assets and consumption. At the national level, it is the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenue), a self-governed entity under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy and Public Finances, which is in charge of tax…… Continue reading Tax System