Businessman from Mendoza awarded by American Economics

It’s José Alberto Zuccardi. As the director of the Familia Zuccardi winery, he will receive a distinction of Excellence 2008 on the 20th of November, given by the leading business magazine in Latin America.

Nieto Senetiner Winery, That Celebrates its 120th Anniversary, opens “The Nieto Senetiner House” in Brazil

Nieto Senetiner Winery, that this year celebrates its 12oth anniversary, opened the doors of its Casa Nieto Senetiner in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This new wager converts the winery into the first in the country to establish itself on the other side of the border, with its own space. After several years of entertaining wine lovers from its location in Buenos Aires, Nieto Senetiner Winery carries its specialty to the Jardims neighborhood, for all wine lovers.