Mendoza strengthens ties with the Inter-American Development Bank

The government of Mendoza and the Inter-American Development Bank mutually agree to strengthen ties. In his fourth visit to the United States, governor Alfredo Cornejo and the Minister of Finance, Miguel Lisandro Nieri, will meet with authorities of this institution which is presided over by Luis Alberto Moreno from Colombia. They will meet tomorrow in Washington D.C.

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Mike Pence is in Buenos Aires and is Meeting with Macri Today

US vice-president Mike Pence arrived in Buenos Aires last night before a busy day deepening the bilateral relationship between Argentina and the United States. His visit is just one stop in Pence’s tour of Latin America; on Sunday in Colombia, he promised to secure American borders and assured the region that the US would seek a peaceful resolution to the Venezuelan crisis rather than a military intervention.

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MERCOSUR-Pacific Alliance Seminar

As part of the recent Summit of the MERCOSUR and Associated States (link in Spanish) in Mendoza, Argentina, a seminar was held on July 19, 2017, entitled “MERCOSUR–Pacific Alliance: A Positive Agenda for Integration.” This landmark moment in the rapprochement between the two blocs brought together authorities, representatives from the private sector, and integration experts to work on a concrete agenda for convergence.

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Mercosur Summit Final Statement

While earlier today it seemed like the Mercosur’s permanent members were going to issue a warning against Venezuela to suspend the Constitutional Assembly called by Nicolas Maduro, the bloc’s final statement had a language that was less harsh and more diplomatic than the one the Argentine government advocated for.

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